Zhu installed the cement paper bag bottom pasting machines successfully in Colombo.

Zhu installed the cement paper bag bottom pasting machines successfully in Colombo.
The esteemed customer’s mainly business area is cement paper bags.At the beginning, he came to our factory to discuss the possibility of designing a bottom pasting machine with two sides pasted.After some analysis of cement paper bags, finally Zhu decided to specialdesign the machine for this customer. As cement paper bag is much different from shopping paper bag, Zhu did encounter some difficulties at first but soon he figured out the solution. For the time of machine test, the customer was satisfied with it and we delivered the machine smoothly. The esteemed customer themselves installed the machine successfully and run the machine in regular situation soon.We also felt happy for it but later we found one problem, the machine cannot run continuously with glue. Zhu decided to come to solve the problem. When Zhu arrived in Colombo, Zhu tried the glue he brought from China and the machine was running very smoothly. Later Zhu tried the customer’s glue, he found that the glue is with too much water which lead to difficulties of bottom being glued. 
Zhu made the new glue system within short time and solved the problems immediately.
Hope this machine will bring a lot of benefit to customer!
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