Baiyi Paper Bag Making Machine History

Baiyi Paper Bag Making Machine History
Wenzhou Heidel Machine Co;Ltd, brand name baiyi machinery, established by Zhu zhihai in 1999, is a professional machinery manufacturer integrating design, development,fabricate, engineering installation and after-sales service etc. Its production and sale fields including full automatic paper bag machine,paper bag tube forming machine,paper bag bottom gluing machine,full automatic tipping machine, paper bag rope making machine, die cutting and creasing machine ,as well as other machines in paper bag production line.

Mr.Zhu started the machine career at his twenties. Be aware of great interest and talent on machines, Zhu began to manufacture the envelop bag making machines. After some years effort and research, Zhu got to understand main situation of paper printing and packaging filed in China.He learned that domestic paper bag manufacturers were producing paper bags by manually due to non-availability of machines. Zhu recognized it was a great opportunity to expand the business. To begin with, Zhu imported a batch of second hand paper bag machines that had been fabricated by Japanese.After a detailed analysis of the machine parts structures,Zhu and the factory’s research teams, developed and upgraded the machines according to domestic paper bag production requirement. At 2000’s,the factory officially launched the full automatic and semi automatic series machines, which had become one of the pioneer of manufacturing same machines in China.

Baiyi machinery had made a great impact on the market, not only it fabricate a good quality of machines to help the customer indeed, but also Zhu’s hard working spirit and professional talent on machines.Zhu always tries his best to help the customer on how to improve the production, as well as how to save the production cost. Soon Zhu won a great reputation in this filed and his machine was introduced a lot friend by friend.

At 2000’s, Zhu noticed that the full automatic paper bag making machines seems not suitable for domestic market, the reason was lack of operators and high price. Later Zhu focus on production of semi-automatic paper bag machines, meanwhile, he also accept to special design machines according to customer’s needs. Zhu is very serious on the quality and he control each machine by himself.Some of other manufacturers invest a lot of money on advertising and copied& launched the paper bag making machine. Zhu still keep on his attitude on the machines, which is to manufacture good quality of machine to help people,but not only thinking too much to build a beauty factory  and sell more machines. 

Lately Zhu again launched the full automatic paper bag machines which can deal with paper 100-350g. Zhu designed the machines with his brilliant idea on how to open the paper bag bottom and pasted the bottom cardboard automatically.The machine is with computer PLC controlled.We could monitor the machine working situations through computer, with advanced technology, it is with more convenient  to run and adjust.
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