FAQ: Why choose paper bag machine?

In recent years,the packaging industry has been developed rapidly,including the paper bag usage,which directly lead to the development of paper bag making machine. The paper bag machines could solve problems and have a lot advantages on paper bag production line:
1. Paper Bag Output Quality:
Hand made paper bag will have problems on output. Different workers may have limits for making bags and the bag output will be different .All the paper bag couldn't be came out with standard quality.The paper bag machine is with a combination of mechanical and electrical,which could solve this problem efficiently.
2. Production Speed:
It needs lots of labor cost for paper bag mass production.Hand made paper bags need more glue cost aslo. Nowadays, the labor cost is increasing each year and it's become more and more difficult to employ the skilled workers.Baiyi paper bag machine is designed for mass production with high speed and stable paper bag output quality,which can help customer in production indeed.
The customer need to choose the paper bag machine according to its productionrequirement.The paper bag machine is classified as full automatic one and semi automatic one.The full automatic paper bag is with higher price and more suitable for big printing house. It need skilled workers to operate the full auto machine. While the semi automatic paper bag machine is easier to operate and adjust.
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